Start a new project

the project will be shown symbolically in one or more cabinets 

the different systems are available dependent on the selected parameters (mainly rated current)

structure of the desktop

in the left sector the product catalog is shown; all articles of the product catalog can be displayed in the configuration

in the central sector you see your configuration
there are buttons for different views below on the display

in the right sector you get information about the current system or current (marked) article and you can manage the accessories; the accessories will be added to the part list but not displayed in the configuration
articles which are shown in the configuration are marked with 3D

add products

you can add new articles only to the currently shown busbar system

a new article will be placed right of the current (marked) article

if there isn’t any article marked (e.g. directly after the start wizard) the new article will be placed beside the left busbar support


Accessories that influence the space requirement of the item are shown in the configuration.

Other accessories are only included in the parts list and are not shown

project overview

the overview about the current project can be opened under the menu item “Project”

direction of connection

several products can be retrofitted in the reality for connection top or bottom

where the front view is identical, there aren’t different symbols for those versions in the configurator



connect busbar systems

busbar systems which are located one upon the other:
you only can connect components which are suitable for flexible copper;
use the cabinet view and just mark the two components and select the suitable accessory (flexible copper)

busbar systems which are located side by side:
you only can connect systems with identical busbars;
just mark the two systems and select the suitable accessory (busbar connector);
the system which you have marked first gives the position in the cabinet; the second system will be moved to the proper position

export of 3D data

the menu depends on the level of handling:
in the system view you may export the data of a system,
in the cabinet view for the complete project

The complete project can be exported as obj. data. This data can be visualised in virtual space with the Wöhner AR app

product range

the configurator does not offer the complete Wöhner product range, just exclusive articles

recommended hardware

A screen with at least 1080 lines and a mouse should be used to work with the configurator.

It is recommended to work with an operating system and browser in a 64 bit version. (only small projects can be processed with a 32 bit version).

For the AR app, an iPad from the 5th generation or an iPhone from 6S is required.

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