Energy distribution

The larger a building is, the more complex the requirements for the distribution of electrical energy. Wöhner provides efficient system solutions, which are simple and functional in their planning and use and, in contrast to traditional cabling, are extremely space-saving and time-efficient. Wöhner products ensure the optimal distribution of electrical energy, permanently and reliably.

Control technology

Motors and drives that operate in systems and production lines must work extremely precisely and reliably. The control technology from Wöhner ensures smooth and energy-efficient operation. In an emergency or in the case of irregularities in the process, the system stops immediately, preventing costly damage or accidents.

Renewable energy

Components that are installed in wind energy and photovoltaic systems must also be able to reliably withstand particular stresses due to extreme heat and strong vibrations. Know-how in the area of control technology and energy distribution that was built up over decades as well as high quality ensure that Wöhner solutions also guarantee security of supply and system safety in the area of renewable energy.

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