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Price lists (Germany)

Price lists (Wöhner Germany)
Download the current price list

Price list 01/2023.xls   (valid from 01.01.2023)
Price list 02/2022.xls   (valid until 31.12.2022)


Article data

Article master data

approvals overview (April 2022)
article master data (November 2022)
UL_CSA_data (April 2022)
data for insulation coordination (April 2022)
BMEcat 1.2 (November 2022)

CAD data

› 2DDXF (July 2013)
› 3DSTP 01008-32981 (July 2013)
› 3DSTP 33075-33425 (July 2013)
› 3DSTP 35004-79448 (July 2013)


Wöhner Productdata for EPLAN (August 2020)
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Technical Details

Manual 2019, chapter 8, page 8.1 up to 8.6 
› Technical_Data_EN.PDF


General purchasing conditions

Terms of delivery and payment

More Information

Long term supplier’s declaration (Germany)

A long-term supplier declaration for goods with preferential origin status as well as the current article overview are available for download in PDF or Excel format.

In addition, you can also download a statement on issuing a long-term supplier declaration, also in PDF format.
Elaboration supplier declaration.pdf
Supplier declaration with preference.pdf
Supplier declaration without preference.pdf
Product list supplier
original liability declaration.pdf 


SmartWire-DT Assistent


Wöhner products are available from version V1.71. 
› Available updates or full version for download 

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Dual Use Statement

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