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NEW: Integration of current transformers without additional space

By introducing an extensive range of current transformers in the 185Power busbar system, Wöhner seeks to increases the attractiveness of the busbar system for low-voltage main distribution cabinets moving in the direction of an Energy Control System.

Due to development of new housing dimensions by precise matching, it is now possible to ergonomically integrate the current transformers into all main devices such as

QUADRON®185Power Speed
and current transformer module in a space saving manner.

The current transformers can be installed without tools and has a box terminal connection for cables, which allows correct electrical installation with suitable cables. A symmetrical housing construction design of the current transformers allows it be used for both input and output measurement. 

All advantages at a glance

  • Integration in QUADRON®185Power Speed, QUADRON®185Power, CRITO®185Power, EQUES®185Power and current transformer module.
  • Cables easy to install inside the chassis
  • Easy tool-free mounting
  • Sealable
  • Current transformers in all common measuring ranges 80 A up to 1600 A
  • Current transformer can be used for feeder or tap-off measurement due to symmetrical housing construction
  • Accuarcy class 1 as well as 0.5 and 0.5s for billing purposes
  • Box terminal, 2.5 mm² - 4 mm² 

QUADRON®185Power Speed

NH in-line switch-disconnector-fuse

The QUADRON®185Power Speed, NH in-line switch-disconnector-fuses, in sizes 00 to 3 with an operator-independent snap switching mechanism, complement the 185Power system. With the switch-disconnector-fuse, the user also benefits from the numerous advan- tages - Quick and easy mounting, convenient line terminal and integrated transformer.

Operator-independent switching

Regardless of who is moving the lever – the automatic snap switching mechanism of the QUADRON®185Power Speed, NH in-line switch-disconnector-fuse switches with a defined speed. Danger from arcing is therefore effectively excluded. The snap switching mechanism always disconnects both NH fuse unit contacts from the voltage carrying components. This double break ensures even more safety.  


Switching even through the control panel door

Due to the greater installation depth, the QUADRON®185Power Speed can also be operated when the control cabinet door is closed.

Mixed Possibilities

Mixed installation of switch-disconnector-fuses, switch disconnectors, and circuit breakers, with other components in the same control panel is now possible. With the modular 185Power system, the various components can be combined on a single 185 mm busbar system, everything fits perfectly together.


Locking and sealing

The QUADRON®185Power Speed, NH in-line switch-disconnector-fuse can be secured in a number of ways. All strips can be locked with padlocks of up to a maximum of 7 mm (NH 00) or 8 mm (NH 1-3) shackle diameter. Unauthorized activation of a strip can effectively be prevented. Seal application provides additional security against.


NH in-line fuse-switch-disconnectors

Easily fit any combination of the QUADRON®185Power NH in-line fuse-switch-disconnectors of sizes NH 00 to NH 3 to the 185Power system. Based on application specific requirements, the NH in-line fuse-switch-disconnectors can be conveniently, quickly and securely mounted with mechanical clamps without drilling or bolted directly to a drilled busbar.


All advantages at a glance

  • Hinged windows for time-saving mounting and no need to dismantle the NH in-line fuse-switch-disconnectors
  • Easily accessible cable terminal compartment
  • Lid can be locked in the open and closed positions
  • Lid position monitoring with two signaling switches per lid
  • Easy switching thanks to ergonomic operating handle
  • Considerable scope for cable connecting
  • Outgoing feeder top/bottom can be retrofitted
  • Lid can be lead-sealed








NH in-line fuse-switch-disconnector, size NH 00

  • 3-pole switchable, closed with 3 padlocks, 5 mm shackle diameter
  • 3-pole switchable, open with 2 padlocks, 5 mm shackle diameter
  • 1-pole switchable, closed with 1 padlock per lid

NH in-line fuse-switch-disconnector, size 1 - 3

  • 1- and 3-pole switchable, closed with 3 x 3 padlocks, 5 mm shackle diameter
  • 3-pole switchable, open with 3 x 2 padlocks, 5 mm shackle diameter




Effective discharge of switching gases

The full-length lateral ducts of the QUADRON®185Power NH in-line fuse-switch-disconnectors produce a kind of draw-off chimney which acts as a cooling and ventilation system for the pinpoint discharging of switching gases and heat. The need for arcing chambers is no longer necessary thanks to this simplified and effective discharge opening method.

Mounting with mechanical clamp on the CrossLink®
touch-safe protections cover

In order to not unnecessarily interrupt the operation of equipment, mechanical clampd eployed mounting can also be done in an energized state. This ensures maximum safety for a qualified electrician – with due consideration given to DGUV V3.


Adapter for circuit breakers

Our adapters enable circuit breakers to be quickly and easily mounted on the 185Power system. They can be used for both feed- and tap-mounting of circuit breakers to the busbar system - something, of course, which applies to all the customary circuit breakers up to 1600 A. With the new EQUES®185Power adapter series, 185 mm busbar systems can be built without fuses.














Transformer measurement

Besides the adapter for circuit breakers up to 1600 A, a small, 150 mm wide EQUES®185Power adapter is also available for the use of circuit-breakers up to 630 A.

To save space, three current transformers (CTs) can be directly integrated on the EQUES®185Power adapter. Transducers are easy to connect, and for efficient energy management purposes, provide data on power and consumption.



connection components

Wöhner is breaking new ground in the area of connection technology. Both feeder and tap-off options are available with the new CRITO®185Power terminal strips or the CRITO®185Power connection modules. These solutions allow you to con ve niently connect round conductors, cable lugs and flat conductors. With the individual components, you can apply currents of up to 1600 A directly to the busbar. Both connection options are fully compatible with the CrossLink® covering system.

CRITO®185Power Connection Modules

A wide range of touch-safe protected clamping methods are available for feeding and tap-off of the busbar systems.


The first 185 mm-based system solution

Modular and single-sourced - that's 185Power from Wöhner. Discover a perfectly matched system complete with efficient components and maximum mounting friendliness.


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