Customers have always been able to order the products they need directly from Wöhner. Recently, this has become even easier and around the clock: in the new webshop on the Wöhner homepage. The Wöhner e-business experts Thomas Forkel and Bernd Jäger have provided information on the current state of development of the webshop.

"A user-friendly interface was particularly important to us in the webshop," reports Forkel. "The shop should be self-explanatory, so that customers quickly get exactly the right product for them and the information tailored to them."

This is how it works: If you want to use the webshop, you must first register or be activated as a customer of Wöhner. The registration is accompanied and carried out by the Wöhner team.

As soon as the registration is completed, customers can log in to the webshop and have their personalized account – with the individual products and article numbers as well as the agreed individual prices. Information on delivery capability and detailed product descriptions and visualizations can also be viewed here.

The complete product range of Wöhner including individual products of each customers are available in the webshop. The webshop can also be viewed as a guest, so that even non-registered customers can retrieve extensive information.

User-friendly search means efficiency

"We attached particular importance to the possible uses and design of the integrated search," reports Jäger.  Users have a variety of options for quickly finding the right products: via detailed categories to click through, but also via a search field with support for auto-completion of search queries.

It is also practical that ready-made orders can be imported very easily. There is a .csv template for this. The Wöhner configurator provides a parts list in the same format, which can be read into the shopping cart. A deep integration of the configurator is planned. In addition, previous orders can be accepted for reorders with one click.

"The webshop simplifies the ordering process and makes it more efficient. In addition, many possible sources of error can be avoided during manual compilation," says Forkel. "In addition, customers can set themselves who should have access to their individually set up webshop/profile and in which role," Jäger describes another advantage. "In this way, value limits for orders, approval processes and the upload of information can be controlled and managed by the customer himself."

Many customers already use the webshop

The webshop is very well received. Many customers have discovered for themselves that this is easy to use and now order more often than before, if something is missing, the necessary quantity is quickly reordered. Some customers use the shop less for orders, but more as a practical source of information in which interesting facts about products are bundled.

In the future, the webshop, which is based on the innovative software of the start-up "Spryker", is to be further developed. In the future, the personalized price list will be viewed and retrievable here. An even faster registration and tracking of the delivery status of the order are also to be introduced.

In the long term, all Wöhner information services that require a login should be even more conveniently accessible through a single sign-on. In addition, a roll-out of further webshops for international subsidiaries and their markets is planned.

The Wöhner webshop is part of the advancing digitalization: "The customer journey for B2B buyers today hardly differs from that of B2C buyers," observes web expert Forkel. Therefore, the establishment of the webshop was a logical step to show Wöhner's innovative strength in this area as well.

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