Rödental, May 6th 2022 - The effects of the Corona pandemic and Russia's war against Ukraine are still massively noticeable within the global supply chains and ongoing disruptions are the consequence. This is leading to global procurement problems, for example in the plastics and metals sector. The resulting shortages and enormous price increases continue to complicate the situation, which has a particular impact on the ability to deliver plastic granulate, copper and metal parts and even C parts such as screws, nuts and washers.

Our communicated delivery dates are very much depending on our suppliers' reliability in terms of the quantities of input material that we were assured and their deadlines. Therefore, new and changing challenges arise every day, which have to be mastered. Besides ensuring production, procuring raw materials and maintaining the supply chains, our focus was therefore increasingly on building up third and fourth party suppliers in recent weeks.

Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers also in this difficult situation and to do our utmost to achieve a satisfactory delivery. This also includes offering deliverable product alternatives with comparable technical characteristics from our available entire portfolio and taking specific measures in order to cushion emerging supply shortages in advance by, for example, expanding machine capacities in production, increasing the number of skilled workers in assembly, scheduling and purchasing, as well as selecting and procuring alternative materials in connection with optimising the production process and expanding the supplier portfolio.

Therefore, we are in the closest possible exchange with our suppliers and service providers in order to optimally use room for manoeuvre and to bring about solutions for problems.
Our top priority is to satisfy our customers in the best possible way and to support them with our high level of consulting and problem-solving competence.

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