Rödental, 24 May 2023 – Wöhner was awarded the prestigious German Innovation Award 2023 – and that not once but twice. The jury honoured the family-owned company from Upper Franconia (Bavaria) with a "Gold" award for the electronic measurement technology module CrossMT in the category "W2 Excellence in Business to Business – Electronic Technologies". The electronic motor starter MOTUS C14 received a "Winner" award in the same category. The official award ceremony took place yesterday evening at the Futurium in Berlin. 

The German Innovation Award honours products and solutions that are convincing due to their special user-centricity and offer a clear added value compared to previous options. The award is presented by the German Design Council, the design and brand authority in Germany. Since 1953, the council has strengthened and supported high-quality design as a relevant economic factor in the triad of design, brand and innovation.

The jury explains the highest award to be given in gold for the CrossMT as follows: "The innovative measurement technology module 'CrossMT' makes it easy to conveniently measure important parameters at a wide range of locations in the control cabinet. It not only opens intelligent and connective possibilities for the basic components from Wöhner, but also works with solutions from other manufacturers. An interesting future-oriented solution that ensures greater efficiency and can thus also make an important contribution to technical sustainability."

"We are very pleased to receive the German Innovation Award 2023 for our solutions – this stands for the high innovation potential of the products from Wöhner. Both the electronic motor starter MOTUS C14 and the electronic measurement technology module CrossMT mark an important step towards digitisation and bring a new quality to the control cabinet," Philipp Steinberger, CEO of Wöhner, explains.

Measurement technology module and motor starter stand for excellence in the B2B sector

The electronic measurement technology module CrossMT sets the requirements for the digitisation of the power distribution system CrossBoard from Wöhner and provides intelligent functions and connectivity in the control cabinet. The module measures current, voltage and temperature, derives quantities from them and can output the data via various communication interfaces.

As a fully electronic, open-supplier solution, the CrossMT is suitable for numerous application scenarios such as the measurement of feeds to determine mains quality, mains stability and energy consumption, the measurement at a secured outgoing terminal as well as the measurement in connection with a motor protection switch to determine motor characteristics and to draw conclusions about the motor state.

The MOTUS C14 is an electronic motor starter. The C14-Technology realises a very narrow construction width of only 22.5 millimetres. In addition, the fuseless C14-Technology guarantees that the motor starter remains intrinsically safe at all times. If necessary, overloads or short circuits in the motor feeder are switched off by the internal electronics within just ten microseconds. This means that the MOTUS C14 reacts faster than any fuse, and this at a low system load (I²t value). The space-saving starter has integrated communication and measurement technology as well as an interactive, intuitive operating concept.

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