Rödental / Nuremberg, 2 November 2022 – At smart production solutions (SPS), Wöhner, a leading supplier in the field of energy distribution, control technology and renewable energies, will present forward-looking products and services for the digitalised industrial world. The trade fair for intelligent automation will take place in Nuremberg from 8 to 10 November 2022.

The focus of SPS is on the entire spectrum of automation, from simple sensors to complete, intelligent solutions. This year, the motto of the trade fair is "Bringing Automation to Life".

In keeping with this, Wöhner is presenting numerous solutions for more efficiency and energy saving. With important components in this segment, Wöhner is a decisive enabler for a digitally supported energy transition. The modular measurement technology offers an optimal opportunity for the acquisition, evaluation and control of data in energy distribution and enables the next step on the way to the smart grid.

Software upgrades offer even more performance

In power distribution and control technology, intelligent, digital product solutions make an important contribution to the safety and efficiency of distribution systems. Here, communication between different devices and interfaces or the acquisition and evaluation of data form the basis for an intelligent power grid.

The functional scope of the products can be adapted, optimised and expanded through customised feature upgrades. In the future, Wöhner will offer upgrades to equip software-controlled products such as the MOTUS C14 or the measurement technology module CrossMT with new functions and expand the area of application. This innovation is one of the highlights of Wöhner's trade fair presentation.

"With the upgrades for the product software, we are taking a decisive step towards sustainability. This is because we do not need resources for new hardware variants, but rather expand the range of functions of the existing devices in order to adapt to the changing needs of the market in the long term," explains Philipp Steinberger, CEO of Wöhner.

Innovations in measurement technology and digitalisation

In addition to the proven and continuously developed basic systems, Wöhner will show selected highlights from the areas of measurement technology and digitalisation at SPS 2022. These include:
•    CrossMT: The new electronic measurement technology module CrossMT represents the entry into digitalisation of the successful basic system CrossBoard. In combination with a wide range of applications, the CrossMT adds intelligent functions and connectivity for various components in the cabinet. The CrossMT measures current, voltage and temperature and derives additional quantities from these values such as power, energy, phase angle and frequency. It can then output this data over various communication interfaces (USB-C, digital inputs/outputs, IO-Link). Status LEDs on the top and bottom of the device provide users with a clear overview.

•    New measurement and monitoring modules: The new modules for comprehensive monitoring of the control cabinet allow complete control of the corresponding system – from cost-optimised measurement at central points to analysis and visualisation to monitoring of the entire control cabinet. They can be installed both on the DIN mounting rail and directly in the control cabinet door. Following the fully integrated MOTUS C14 and OMUS C14 solutions as well as the modular CrossMT, the new products round off Wöhner's range of measurement technology.

Sustainability as part of the corporate philosophy 

Automation and digitalisation are important components for the careful use of resources and for high energy efficiency – aspects that have always characterised Wöhner's product portfolio. From the high vertical range of manufacture to the resource-saving busbar to the targeted development of components for a new way of using energy: increasingly intelligent products form the basis of the energy transition.

Wöhner will be exhibiting at SPS 2022 in hall 9, stand 350.

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