The expert in energy distribution, control technology and renewable energies will exhibit its portfolio for the first time at the International Manufacturing Technology Show – with a focus on three products.

•    Innovative company that has been active in the US market for many years
•    CrossBoard, MOTUS C14 and CrossMT are in the centre of the exhibition
•    Company focuses on digitalization and intelligent solutions for industrial control cabinets

Rödental, September 08, 2022 – Wöhner, a leading solution provider in the fields of power distribution, control technology and renewable energies, is exhibiting at IMTS in Chicago, USA – one of the world's leading trade shows for manufacturing technology – for the first time in the company's long history.

From September 12 – 17, the company, which exemplifies efficiency and structure in control cabinets and repeatedly highlights this claim with innovative products, will be presenting industry leading solutions such as the CrossBoard, MOTUS C14 and CrossMT at booth 134854 on level 3 of the East Building. All three products have set new standards and changed the industry in their respective segments.

During the show, visitors and journalists will have the opportunity for interviews and product deep-dives with Wöhner’s experts.

"Participating at IMTS for the first time is an important event for Woehner – and an excellent opportunity to present our portfolio in an extraordinary setting. Our innovative solutions have been key to our success in North America and internationally for many years. Participating at the International Manufacturing Technology Show is a logical result of our activities in the USA," explains Joe Wolfe, Director Engineering & Sales at Woehner LLC.

Specialist with tradition
Wöhner was founded in 1929 as a family business in the Bavarian town Rödental near Coburg, where the company is still headquartered today. For more than 90 years, the brand has stood for forward-looking technologies in the distribution and control of electrical energy. Today, the company is known worldwide as a specialist for electromechanical components, including fuse holders and busbar systems. Additionally, the company has added electronic products and software to the portfolio. Wöhner has four production sites globally, one of which is in Hampton, NH, USA. International sales support is provided by twelve subsidiaries as well as a comprehensive field service network in more than 80 countries on five continents.

"The US market with its growth potential is increasingly becoming a focus at Wöhner. We have been serving our customers in the US from our Hampton site since 1999 – and we would like to continue to build up this business with our innovations. This is exactly what we will demonstrate with our booth at IMTS," added Philipp Steinberger, CEO of Wöhner GmbH & Co. KG.

Busbar systems are now the market standard
In addition to Wöhner's innovative strength and expertise, the basis of the company's success are above all its busbar systems – such as the 60Classic System, which is now considered the market standard for power distribution and control technology. Recent new developments include the contact-protected power distribution system Crossboard, 185Power, the electronic motor starter MOTUS C14 and the measuring technology adapter CrossMT.

Wöhner’s focus is on sustainability and digitalization. The product design and the materials used are selected and optimized considering environmental compatibility. A reduction in the use of plastics combined with the use of bio-based materials from renewable plant raw materials reduce the CO? footprint. In addition, the leanest possible structure in the company ensures maximum agility and resilience, especially during challenging times. This means that products can be brought to the market within twelve to 18 months.

In the spotlight at IMTS
Three solutions will be featured at the Wöhner booth during IMTS 2022: CrossBoard, the electronic motor starter MOTUS C14 and the measuring technology adapter CrossMT.

CrossBoard: modular system solution for machine and plant engineering
As a modular system solution, the CrossBoard out-of-the-box range allows safe power distribution up to 160 A. The basic system combines the advantages of a high-performance busbar system with traditional wiring on a DIN rail. In addition to the existing widths of 225 mm and 405 mm, it is now available in widths from 500 mm to 1100 mm – selectable in 100 mm increments. 

The system, which is supplied as a complete unit and fitted with components without the use of tools, offers integrated touch-safe protection and includes numerous products for power connections and branch circuit protection.

MOTUS C14: Safety in microseconds 
An additional highlight from Wöhner at IMTS is the innovative electronic motor starter MOTUS C14. The product offers fuseless motor protection in a compact size, with a user-friendly interface. If an error occurs, the electronics switch off the motor in a maximum of ten microseconds – faster than any fuse and with a low system load.

Thanks to C14 technology, the system is intrinsically safe and can be switched on again immediately after a fault has been cleared. In addition, the motor starter requires 75 percent less space than conventional solutions, and includes a CrossLink interface, making it compatible with all Wöhner basic systems. Last but not least, the starter has an interactive, guided maintenance and fault management, with numerous diagnostic functions.

CrossMT: new product category for accelerated digitalization
The CrossMT measurement technology adapter represents a product category of its own: as a fully electronic and supplier-open measurement technology module, it drives the digitalization of CrossBoard. Not only is it suitable for numerous application scenarios, but it also provides comprehensive information. The CrossMT can be used for main feed measurement to determine power quality and stability as well as energy consumption. It is also suitable for measuring motor protection equipment, where determination of motor parameters and status is required.

The CrossMT adds intelligent functions to control products that do not have such functions. Not only does it consume very little energy itself, but it also makes a significant contribution to greater sustainability. Last but not least, the CrossMT can be used in combination with solutions from other manufacturers.

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