OMUS®. The heat is on.
The electronic hybrid switch for resistive loads.

The revolution for switching processes.

With the OMUS®, Wöhner has developed a new device class for precise highfrequency switching of resistive loads, e.g. for heating processes. Thanks to hybrid technology, the wear-resistant electronic switching process is linked with the more energy-efficient and reliable mechanical switching function.

Product details:

  • targeted on/off at zero volts
  • measurement technology for monitoring the set current values
  • fuses for short circuit protection
  • manual control on the unit, manually switching on and adjusting the power limits
  • self-monitoring of the device, optical signalling of the device as well as signal contacts
  • pluggable connections for load output and control input

In conjunction with adjustable current monitoring, integrated fuses for short-circuit protection and safe and reliable power supply via the CrossLink® adapter technology, the OMUS® provides unique benefits.

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Product features

  • Up to 25A continuous current, including power monitoring
  • 3 phase switching or independent phase switching is possible
  • Built-in functions for energy supply, fuse protection and switching
  • Up to 55% smaller footprint and up to 66% less dissipated heat when compared to solutions with solid state relays
  • Compact design: 36mm wide, 160mm high and 130mm deep (144mm with adapter)
  • CrossLink® technology for safe and easy handling
  • UL approval

Safe and energy-efficient switching

The OMUS® hybrid switch is used without the heat sink that is often compulsory for switching processes. In addition to resulting space savings, up to 66% less heat loss is achieved during the switching process, depending on frequency.

The OMUS® triggers the on/off process at the most favourable time, zero volts, within a maximum of 30ms. Due to the switching sequence, the maximum switching frequency is 1Hz to avoid excessive heating. Thanks to the hybrid technology, over 30 million cycles can be achieved with the OMUS®, or roughly 10 x more than with purely mechanical switching technology.

Design versions CrossBoard®, 30Compact and 60Classic


  • OMUS® directly snapped onto CrossBoard®, 160mm high
  • CrossBoard® - The new basic system up to 125A 


  • OMUS® on CrossLink® busbar adapter, 160mm high, for busbars 12 x 5 and 12 x 10mm
  • Compact busbar system up to 360A


  • OMUS® on CrossLink® Busbar adapter, 200mm high, for busbars 12 x 5 up to 30 x 10mm, double-T and triple-T profile rails
  • Universal busbar system for all requirements up to 2500A

CrossLink® features (for 30Compact and 60Classic)

  • Power supply via busbar system
  • Thanks to the CrossLink® busbar adapter, the rail system remains covered and touch-safe when the OMUS® electronics module is removed

Technical data

Rated operational voltage        400 V AC (IEC), 480 V AC (UL)
Rated operational current25A, 3 x 1-pole (IEC), UL 20A, 3 x 1-pole (UL)
Short circuit strength50kA, type 1
Power lossmax. 20W (3-phase)
Adjustable current monitor16A, 20A, 25A
Max. switching frequency1Hz
Control voltage24V DC (IEC) UL 26.5V DC (UL)
Connectioncontrol 0.2 - 1.5mm²
(Plug contact) Lastabgangload output 1.5 - 6mm²
(Width x height x depth)
36mm x 160/200mm (30Compact/60Classic) x 130mm, plus adapter 14mm to busbar

IEC 60947-4 - 2/3

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