NEW:  MOTUS® hybrid motor starter with IO-Link interface.

Available at any time. Worldwide.

The MOTUS® with IO-Link interface is a new network version in the MOTUS® family and enables continuous communication between the control and field level. Through this interface the control, the parameterization as well as the reading of the messages of the device is managed.

Small drives and motors with a power output of up to 3 kW are frequently used in control technology and machine
design. In the process, sometimes both rotational directions (forward/reverse) need to be controlled and the drives have to be protected against possible errors. Also, it must be ensured that they can be reliably and safely shut off through an external Emergency Stop function (SIL 3 / PL e) in the event of a breakdown.

Advantages at a glance

-    Space savings
Due to its very narrow design (width: 22.5 mm), use of the
MOTUS® IO-Link can deliver space savings
of up to 75% compared to conventional starter combinations.

-    Life span
The combination of robust relay technology and
wear-free semiconductor switching gives the
MOTUS® IO-Link a product lifespan that is
10 times longer than conventional contactors.

-    Time savings
The significant reduction in wiring requirements during
the installation of a MOTUS® IO-Link
results in time savings of up to 80 % compared to conventional
device combinations.

Further advantages

•    direct contact on the CrossBoard®, 30Compact, 60Classic or in the panel version on the DIN mounting rail
•    variants for standard wiring or with IO-Link interface
•    low power dissipation due to hybrid switching technology
•    Emergency-stop function (SIL 3 / PL e)
•    UL approval

To the product:
part. no. 36130 - hybrid motor starter, 0.18 - 3 A for CrossBoard®
part. no. 36131 - hybrid motor starter, 1.5 - 7 A for CrossBoard®
part. no. 36124 - hybrid motor starter, 0.18 - 3 A for 30Compact
part. no. 36127 - hybrid motor starter, 1.5 - 3 7 A for 30Compact
part. no. 36125 - hybrid motor starter, 0.18 - 3 A for 60Classic
part. no. 36128 - hybrid motor starter, 1.5 - 7 A for 60Classic
part. no. 36123 - hybrid motor starter, 0.18 - 3 A for Panel
part. no. 36126 - hybrid motor starter, 1.5 - 7 A for Panel


NEW: EQUES®CrossBoard. circuit breakers up to 160 A mounted on the CrossBoard®.

Adapter, 90 mm wide, to accept circuit breakers of different manufacturers. This combination of circuit breaker and adapter is for feeding the CrossBoard® or for tap-offs.

Fuseless installation with circuit breakers according UL- or IEC standards is a preferred method in the field of machine builder industry. Due to the variably adjustable fixing points for the devices, the use of all standard circuit breakers is possible.



All advantages at a glance

– rated current 160 A
– equipment width 90 mm
– fixing adjustable to the circuit breaker
– tool-free mounting
– UL listed


NEW: QUADRON®CrossBoard. Nobody else as slim as this

The NH fuse switch-disconnector size 000, in a width of only 49.5 mm, provides the CrossBoard® with secure protection from the incoming feed through to the outgoing ways.

Based on the variation, the QUADRON® will be contacted directly on the basic system CrossBoard® or alternative with busbar apdaters on 60Classic and 30Compact. The assembly on the CrossBoard® is done completely without any tools.


 All advantages at a glance

– rated current 125 A
– NH fuses, size 000
– equipment width 49.5 mm
– connection range 6 - 50 mm²
– box terminal connection technology
– utilisation category: AC-22B
– connection at top and bottom is possible

To the product:
part. no. 33800 - QUADRON®CrossBoard for CrossBoard®
part. no. 33801 - QUADRON®30Compact for 30mm / 60 mm busbar system
part. no. 33802 - QUADRON®60Classic for 60 mm busbar system  




NEW: EQUES®CrossBoard. Miniature circuit breaker directly on the CrossBoard®

MCBs directly on the CrossBoard®1-pole adapter for mounting miniature circuit breakers from various manufacturers.  

As the smallest component of the product portfolio the EQUES® has a minimum width of only 18 mm and therefore it is ideally suited for the mounting of MCB's. Connection of multiple EQUES is fast and easy in combination with the Crossboard, with a grid dimension of 4.5mm. 

All advantages at a glance

– rated current up to 63 A
– equipment width 18 mm
– 1-pole version: L1, L2, L3
– fixed mounting rail
– connection cables: 2.5 mm², 10 mm²
– UL-listed




CRITO®CrossBoard. The new 125 A connection module

Power is supplied to the CrossBoard® from the CRITO® connection module. A centre feed via two CrossBoards® is also possible.

This product offers the simplest connection of several conductor types up to 50mm2. Connection top or bottom is possible.
Due to the flexibility though the 4.5 mm grid on the CrossBoard® the new connection module cannot only be used for side or mid feed in, it can also be used as a connection unit between two CrossBoards. This means multiple expandability of the basic systems.

All advantages at a glance

– rated current up to 125 A
– equipment width 45 mm
– connection range 6 - 50 mm²
– box terminal connection technology
– cover included
– UL-listed


Discover Broome10®. The new power supply from Wöhner

With Broome10®, Wöhner developed for the first time for Automation and Control systems a 24V DC-power supply for direct contact on the CrossBoard®.

The excellent efficiency of 95 % and the selection of high-quality components allow for a low power loss combined with a long lifetime on a width of only 45 mm. Intelligent series and parallel connection of several power supplies allows control voltages of 24 V DC / 48 V DC / 72 V DC and output currents of up to 10 A, 20 A, 30 A and more.

All advantages at a glance

  • direct contact on the CrossBoard® replaces conventional cabling
  • low power loss with an efficiency of 95 % allows the minimum width of 45 mm
  • the superior temperature management allows seamless interconnection
  • self-protection in the event of a short circuit with intelligent reset
  • 3-phase input voltage range from AC 380 - 480 V
  • minimum inrush current peak by electronical limiting
  • high overvoltage resistance
  • IEC and UL certified

Product description



CrossBoard®: the new basic System

The CrossBoard® is available in widths of 225 mm up to 1100 mm, which can be combined in any way.

Quick and easy done

The basic system consists of the CrossBoard®, the feed modules, a large number of adapters, the NH fuse switch-disconnector, the powersupply as well as the hybrid motor starters and hybrid switches.

The new out of the box system solution

With the CrossBoard®, Wöhner has established a whole new system that combines the advantages of a high-performance busbar system with traditional wiring on DIN mounting rails. The CrossBoard® is an out-of-the-box system that is supplied in one complete unit. It can be directly assembled and fitted with components after unpacking. This innovative solution saves time and costs. The integrated touch-safe protection allows you to work live in compliance with the applicable regulations and legislation.

The CrossBoard® with its all-round touch-safe protection offers a high degree of safety. This lets you realise power distribution systems in accordance with the IEC 61439 and UL 508 standard, including IP20 touch-safe protection.

The CrossBoard® is an out-of-the-box system that saves the user a lot of time on mounting. Unpack, snap on to the DIN rail and immediately begin fitting the components.

The components are simply snapped on to the CrossBoard®, meaning the connection is automatic. The integrated polarity protection prevents errors during installation.

The components can be fitted to the CrossBoard®, as well as to conventional busbar systems such as 60Classic or 30Compact using CrossLink® adapters.
As a universal system, CrossBoard® is also open for components from other manufacturers.

Two boards one mission

CrossBoard®225 (22,5 × 16 cm) and CrossBoard®405 (40,5 × 16 cm)

Mounting the CrossBoard® and components

The CrossBoard® is supplied as an out-of-the-box system and can be clicked on DIN mounting rails either high (35 × 15 mm) or flat (35 × 7.5 mm).

The CrossBoard® can be screwed directly to a mounting plate. Matching holes make mounting easier.

The components can be easily snapped onto the CrossBoard® with no tools. This means both the mechanical attachment as well as the electrical connection are accomplished in one operation. The integrated polarity protection prevents errors during installation.

The components can be easily removed and snapped back on to another section of the CrossBoard®. For safety reasons, the lock mechanism must be released with a screwdriver. This prevents accidental removal of any components.

CrossBoard® the product film

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