2022 was a year that once again called for dedicated collaboration and partnership.

The bottlenecks within the global supply chains continued to lead to noticeable restrictions in the production processes this year. Our top priority, in addition to ensuring production and procuring raw materials, was to cover our customers' needs as best as possible and to achieve satisfactory delivery. Despite all our efforts, such as increasing machine capacities in production, expanding skilled workers in assembly and offering deliverable product alternatives with comparable technical properties from our available overall portfolio, delivery dates had to be extended again and again, contrary to our aspirations. 

We are aware that this required a lot of patience on the part of our customers and thank them for their understanding and extraordinary cooperation in these challenging times.

I would like to thank all our employees for their extraordinary commitment, especially in production and logistics, whose tireless efforts, extra shifts and work on many weekends over the year have been decisive in keeping the delivery delays as short as possible.

For the coming year, we have adjusted our blanket orders and our requirements towards our suppliers to the circumstances in order to be able to guarantee binding procurement of input materials by our suppliers. In addition, we are restructuring our sales department in order to be able to deal with customer concerns in a more targeted and faster way by means of a central service centre. Fortunately, we continue to record a high level of incoming orders.

Especially with regard to the greatest challenges of our time – the energy transition, the expansion of renewable energies and energy security – we are in demand and challenged as experts for the intelligent and efficient distribution of electrical energy. We see it as our task to provide decisive impetus for a rethinking energy supply in Germany and worldwide with forward-looking technologies, for which Wöhner stands, and to contribute our share to the energy transition. Wöhner's portfolio contains the components needed to build energy distribution systems that make the energy transition possible.

We were therefore all the more pleased that, after a break of two years due to the pandemic, trade fairs finally took place again this year to be able to present our innovations and product highlights to our customers in person, to exchange about tomorrow's industry and upcoming trends, and to find out in dialogue how we can support them in the best possible way with our solutions. The focus of our product exhibitions at the trade fairs was primarily on our energy-efficient products and the energy-efficient operation of a control cabinet.

Two awards have made us particularly proud this year: recently, Wöhner was selected as one of the 100 most important family-owned companies and, at the beginning of the year, awarded the title of Brand of the Century. Family businesses have a special responsibility in today's world: they stand for creativity and expertise, but also for solidity and continuity. That is also the case with Wöhner. For us, both awards are both recognition and an incentive to continue developing fascinating solutions for our customers with creativity, passion, performance and determination. And that is exactly what we want to do in 2023. 

The coming year will bring a lot of exciting projects. We are looking forward to approaching and mastering them with you.

We wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas, time to recharge your batteries and a good start to a happy new year.

Best regards
Philipp Steinberger

Wöhner GmbH & Co. KG
Elektrotechnische Systeme
Mönchrödener Str. 10
96472 Rödental



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