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Article Master Data

› Article_Master_Data.xlsx (December 2017)
› UL_CSA_data (Februar 2017)

CAD Data

› 2DDXF (July 2013)
› 3DSTP 01008-32981 (July 2013)
› 3DSTP 33075-33425 (July 2013)
› 3DSTP 35004-79448 (July 2013)


Wöhner Productdata for EPLAN (January 2015)
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Technical Details

Product Manual 2015, chapter 8, page 8.1 up to 8.5 
› Technical_Data_GB.PDF


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Long term supplier’s declaration (Germany)


Wöhner Picture Database

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SmartWire-DT Assistent


Wöhner products are available from version V1.71. 
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