MOTUS®C14 ServiceTool


Release note:
MOTUS®C14 ServiceTool PV0.4.3.4

Display of current Process Data

  • Current
  • Voltage: Phase voltage (up to MOTUS®C14 Firmware PV0.4.2.8) / Chained voltage (MOTUS®C14 Firmware PV0.4.3.2 or higher)
  • Power

Optimization of user permissions

Demo mode for Sales/Representatives (USB-only mode)

  • Manual trigger of the possible faults
  • Manual trigger of the possible warnings
  • Manual trigger of the possible operation modes

Load asymmetry configuration (MOTUS®C14 Firmware PV0.4.3.2 or higher)

Firmware update possibility via customer

Technical improvements


Windows - MOTUS®C14 ServiceTool PV0.4.3.4

macOS - MOTUS®C14 ServiceTool PV0.4.3.4

MOTUS®C14 Firmware

Release note:

MOTUS®C14 Firmware PV0.4.3.3
Diagnosis/Predictive Maintenance

  • Load asymmetry diagnosis
  • Advanced load asymmetry settings (Threshold/Error type/Opt-In)
  • DC current diagnosis

Process Data

  • Displaying chained voltage instead of phase voltage at measurement screens (Display & ServiceTool)


  • Activated possibility of customer updates via ServiceTool




> MOTUS®C14 Firmware PV0.4.3.3

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