Device requirements

iPad from the 5th generation with Arkid and IOS 12.0
iPhone from 6s / 6se with Arkid and IOS 12.0

Buttons Overview

3D move


How to use the settings?

 In this mode, you can move the model, scale and rotate.

 With the 3D move button you can move the model in all dimensions. Move, scale and rotate are disabeld.

  Move the model back and forth, left and right. 3D move is disabled.
 Extend and resize the model. 3D move is disabled.
 Rotate the model. 3D move is disabled.
 Reset button. Put the model in the starting position.
 Show the environment original.

How can I place a project in the room?

Use the Placing Mode.

When the app detects a ground, a green tick will appear in the upper left corner. Then you can touch the screen to place the object at the desired location. The floor should have a structure.

Sometimes the app doesn’t detect a ground. In this case you should use a marker. Download and print the marker and put in on the ground where the model should be displayed.

How can I transfer my project to the IOS device?

Important: Transferring own projects is only possible with iTunes and the computer.

Choose your created project in the Configurator app on your computer and export project as OBJ.
Save the ZIP file on your computer . Unzip the file.
Connect your Device and start iTunes.
Select data sharing on the left side and select Wöhner AR.
Add the unzipped folder.


Save the unziped folder in the iCloud, Dropbox or similar cloud storage.

Use the File App on the IOS Device and put the folder in
On my iPad -> Wöhner AR

Importent: Only one file (project) is accepted in the folder Wöhner AR.

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