This system is about electrical safety

An all-round care-free package

The innovative CrossLink® Technology from Wöhner meets the requirements placed on power distribution equipment with readily available modular components delivering high levels of system dependability and personal safety. Systems can be engineered in the most straight forward way and modified to evolving application requirements. In the 185Power system the CrossLink®185Power covering modules, base plate profile, and the busbar support covers ensure comprehensive touch-safe busbar system protection. Integral system partitioning saves time when mounting and provides optimum safety thanks to the matched components. CrossLink® Technology advantages continue in the touch protection of longitudinal busbar connectors.


The base plate profile for covering the back of the busbar system provides allround protection. When accessing the electrical system from the rear during maintenance or extension work, the electrician is optimally protected from touching current-carrying busbar system components.


Busbar support and CrossLink®185Power covering system

The base of 185Power are the busbar supports which can be adjusted to various busbar widths. These allow the possibility for a drill-free mounting of flat bars. Thanks to the industrial production of 50mm and 100mm CrossLink® touch-safe protection covers, custom fabricated solutions are a thing of the past. The guidance of the CrossLink® busbar covers allows for an easy, safe positioning and contacting of components at any time. The risk of an externally initiated arc is minimised.

Fully touch-safe protected busbar system

  • Components can be mounted and removed from energized systems
  • Base plate profi les make it possible for the busbar system to be covered from the back; Base plate fasteners are eliminated as a path for arcs to develop
  • Cover openings serve as a positioning aid for connection clamps, making it easy to position components such as NH in-line fuse switch disconnectors or circuit breaker adapters

CrossLink®185Power touch-safe protection covers

  • CrossLink® technology provides optimum touch-safe protections and also dimensional scope for direct and secure connecting of components to the busbar system
  • Modules in 50mm and 100mm widths are available
  • Easy, no-tool mounting; However for safety reasons, tool-only disassembly
  • For rear partitioning, base plate profiles can be snapped from the back onto the CrossLink®185Power touch-safe protections modules

All-purpose busbar supports

  • Mounting non-drilled flat busbars
  • Screwed upperpart fastening brackets ensure greater bus stability
  • Accessories: Touch-safe protection cover for busbar supports
  • Superstructuring possible with fuse-switch disconnectors – even with contact-protected bus supports

Slot covers

  • For covering the slots in the CrossLink®185Power touch protection covers
  • Protection class IP4x is achieved