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adapter for circuit breakers

Our adapters enable circuit breakers to be quickly and easily mounted on the 185Power system. They can be used for both feed- and tap-mounting of circuit breakers to the busbar system – something, of course, which applies to all the customary circuit breakers up to 1600A. With the new EQUES®185Power adapter series, 185mm busbar systems can be built without fuses.

Besides the adapter for circuit breakers up to 1600A, a small, 150mm wide EQUES®185Power adapter is also available for the use of circuit-breakers up to 630A. The fact that the new, compact adapter is fitted with two C-profile rails with variably adjustable cage nut means that the user reduces the number of adapter variants and can react flexibly to customer requirements.

One adapter – many applications. The new adapter is fully compatible with the CrossLink covering system and all existing system components.

One adapter – many applications. The new adapter is fully compatible with the CrossLink covering system and all existing System components.

The benefits of EQUES®185Power adapter for circuit breakers

  • Connection to the busbar system is possible at the top or bottom of the circuit breaker adapter
  • The all-purpose retaining plates allow all standard circuit breakers to be mounted on the adapter
  • Rated currents: 400A, 630A, 800A, 1000A, 1250A, 1600A
  • Terminal shrouds are available for touch-safe protection of the connecting set as accessories. This provides IP2x protection class protection from above.

Adapter Mounting

There are two possibilities for mounting the adapter onto the busbars: One of them is direct connection conventionally undertaken with screw clamp connection onto the drilled busbars. The other is the extremely convenient and time-saving variant with terminal clamp as a no-drill mounting on a touch-safe protected system. The new EQUES®185Power adapter for circuit breakers up to 630A also comes in a variant with a terminal clamp for mounting without CrossLink® touch-safe protection.

Circuit Breaker Mounting

By using the mounting aids, all applicable circuit breakers can be easily and rapidly mounted onto the EQUES®185Power adapters and securely connected.

Notes on EQUES®185Power Adapter for Circuit Breakers up to 1600A

Touch-safe protection shrouds

Touch-safe protection shrouds for the connecting set between circuit breaker and adapter meets protection class IP2x.

Plug-in type positioning elements

Mounting aid from plug-in type positioning elements with the screw-clamp connection equipped mounting variant. They can be plugged to fit all bus height cross-sections.

Retaining plates

Retaining plates with various drilling templates for various brands of circuit breakers and construction sizes.

Mounting aid

As a mounting aid for the circuit breaker, two bolts can be fixed in the mounting plate. They act to support the weight of the circuit breaker during installation on the system adapter.

Secure Mounting

An additional cross-beam can support the weight of the circuitbreaker and adapter. Threaded holes on the top of the adapter, to the right and left, are for mechanical fastening to this beam.

Notes on EQUES®185Power Adapter for Circuit Breakers up to 630A

Profile rails with cage nuts

Numerous circuit-breakers up to 630A can be easily mounted on the EQUES®185Power adapter due to C-profi le rails with cage nuts that can be variably adjusted.

Supporting edge for covering system

When the circuit breaker is attached to the EQUES®185Power adap ter, this results in the same level of 150mm for the door cut-out as for the supporting edges of the QUADRON®185Power fuse switch disconnectors.

Transformer measurement

To save space, three current transformers (CTs) can be directly integrated on the EQUES®185Power adapter. Transducers are easy to connect, and for effi cient energy management purposes, provide data on power and consumption.

connection components

Wöhner is breaking new ground in the area of connection technology. Both feeder and tap-off options are available with the new CRITO®185Power terminal strips or the CRITO®185Power connection modules. These solutions allow you to con ve niently connect round conductors, cable lugs and flat conductors.
With the individual components, you can apply currents of up to 1600A directly to the busbar. Both connection options are fully compatible with the CrossLink® covering system.

CRITO®185Power Connection Modules

Three touch-safe protected clamping methods are available for variable connections and connection of busbar systems:

Conductor terminals for copper and aluminium. These are suitable for round conductors up to 400mm.

Flat conductor connection for 1 or 2 laminated copper bars 60 or 80mm wide.

M12 screw connection. This can be used for up to 4 cable lugs.

CRITO®185Power, Terminal Strips

At only 100mm wide, conductors, cable lugs and a laminated copper bar can be connected. Due to the standard supporting edge, the CRITO® terminal strips can be easily combined with all QUADRON®185Power product family components. Just like other components, the terminal strip can be mounted above the busbar support.

The front access “service” covers allow convenient assembly and ease of maintenance.

Connection options:

  • Laminated copper bar up to 80mm wide
  • Conductor terminal for copper and aluminium conductors up to 400mm²
  • Cable lugs: 3x 240mm or 2x 300mm