185Power system solution

The first 185mm-based system solution.

Discover a perfectly matched system with powerful components and maximum ease of mounting thanks to CrossLink®Technology. 185Power from Wöhner offers you a QUADRON® product family highlight in the new QUADRON®185Power Speed, switch-disconnector-fuse that can be mounted vertically to a 185mm busbar system. This is the first time a combination of fast switching NH fuse bases can be included in a mixed installation with other components within a 185mm system. The system also includes the CRITO®185Power connection strips and connection modules, guaranteeing a compact and flexible connection.

The 185Power system offers you, in addition to a comprehensive NH fuse base programme, all the elements required for a sustainable system: from busbar supports, infeed components, and system covers for optimal touch-safe protection, right through to adapters for all standard circuit breakers.

One system – all the benefits



All components and products are modular and perfectly matched. For the first time you can combine NH switch-disconnector-fuses vertically in a mixed installation with other components within a 185mm system.



Innovative CrossLink® bonding makes for easy, no-drill mounting. Clamp bonding permits all system components to be mounted and contacted effortlessly.



Thanks to the EQUES®185Power adapter all the standard circuitbreaker types can be quickly and easily mounted.



With the 185Power system, safety is paramount. The comprehensive touch safe protection for the busbar system and all components guarantees this. In addition the new QUADRON® 185Power Speed switch-disconnector-fuses, whose snap switching mechanism is operator-independent and switches securely, represent a new safety dimension in the 185Power system.



Perfectly matched components from a single source enable a substantial increase in efficiency. The result is a considerable saving of time in engineering, planning, purchasing and system assembly.



Standardized system components ensure order and a clean presentation of everything in the control cabinet.

Leave behind a good impression

The attractive appearance of your switchgear assembly is what ultimately leaves a lasting impression of you on your customer.
The 50mm and 100mm grid units of the CrossLink touch-safe protections modules make planning easier and provide you with a maximum degree of safety. For their part, the matched components raise safety levels and simplify installing, maintaining, servicing and extending the system. Deployment of the 185Power system is synonymous with both skill and a sense for operating efficiency.

And everything fits together


Busbar support and CrossLink® covering system

  • Drill-free mounting of all components through the touch safe CrossLink® covering system
  • CrossLink® covering system ensures phase segregation
  • Mounting and disassembly possible on live busbar system

Circuit breaker adapter and connection components

  • Adapter to fit all the standard circuit breakers
  • Adapter for direct components on the busbar
  • Connection rail for fl at conductor, round conductor and cable lugs
  • Connection module for fl at conductor, round conductor and cable lugs

NH in-line fuse switch disconnectors

  • NH in-line fuse-switch disconnectors size 00 to 3, for 160A to 630A fuses, and applications to 1250A
  • Rapid, safe mounting of the components on the busbar system
  • Innovative heat dissipation and optimized venting of switching gases

QUADRON®185Power Speed, switch-disconnector-fuses

  • Switch-disconnector-fuse size 00 to 3, for 160A to 630A
  • Operator-independent snap switching mechanism with double disconnection
  • Mixed installation with switch disconnectors, and circuit breakers, with other components in the same control panel

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